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How will your team answer your customers?

John needs a service. He has a few businesses in mind. After researching online, your website catches his attention. You spent quite a bit on your website hoping to improve revenue; it’s beautifully crafted. John chooses your business.

However, when he calls with a specific concern, the employee who answers is cold, snappy, and unhelpful. John becomes hesitant and weighs his other options. Even though their website isn’t as impressive, he calls one of your competitors. Their employee answers quickly, enthusiastically, and is both warm and courteous throughout the call.

Which business do you think John will visit?

Visit our website to discover how Secret Shopper will help your team improve customer service and raise the bottom line.

Customer Service Evaluations

Are your phones answered in 3 rings or less? Are messages returned within 24 hours? Get accurate data and real insight into your business.


Competitor Phone Evaluations

Receive actionable intelligence on what is happening in your marketplace, that will drive new sales, build brand loyalty, and customer retention.


Recorded Phone Calls

Hear the actual experience between your frontline personnel and our operators with clear audio files.

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